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annie leibovitz answers

1970- worked for the recently launched rolling stones magazine. In 1973 Leibovitz got named cheif photographer of rolling stone. She did that until 1983 and her intimate photographs of celebrities helped define the rolling stones look. 1975- she served a concert photographer for rolling stones tour of the americas. she worked with clebs, disney company as well. they hired her to do a series of photographs wth celebs in various roles and scenes for disney parks "year of a million dreams" campaign.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

black and white answers:

1. lens, film and camera body
2. single lens reflex
3. the lens opens and closes to the amount of light.
4. to change lighting speed because it moves to the lens quickly.
5. balance, film speed, aperture size and shutter speed.
6. 150/100 low, it is good for outdoor settings.
7. the film is placed in developing agent that is actually a reducing agent.
Rinse the film with water or use a stop bath that arrests the development process.
the unexposed silver halide crystals are removed in what is called the fixing bath. it dissolves only silver halide crystals leaving the silver metal behind.
the film is washed with water to remove all the processing chemicals. the film strip is dried and the dividual exposures are cut into negatives.
8. black and white, darkroom, film agent and enlarger.
9. developed silver.

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simpson collage

yes i do like The Simpsons. Its another one of my favorite shows.